Saturday, April 08, 2006

O ye of little faith

The Swedish embassy gave my passport back to me, saying I could hold on to it for my travel to Japan on April 21-24, then give it back to them on the 25th. In the meantime, my papers for application for Schengen visa will still proceed. Hallelujah! Thank you Lord for all your help!

Conducted the music for the funeral of Jamby Madrigal's dad, Don Antonio Madrigal, this morning at the Sto. Domingo Church. Call was at 9am, in time for the 10am funeral. I arrived before 9, only to be told that there was a wedding taking place, and therefore we could not rehearse. At 10 o'clock, we learned that there was ANOTHER wedding going to take place, and so we waited for that to be finished too. The funeral mass started around 11:30am, at which point the only way we were tolerating the long wait was that our sense of humor was still intact. But some of the musicians and singers (Madrigal Singers sang) haven't eaten breakfast (and lunch of course), and so when the funeral mass ended at about 1240 noontime, in about 37 degree Celsius heat, we dissipated faster than you could say, "Ite missa est". The mass was about 75 percent Latin, and the music was heavenly, with parts of Mozart's Requiem, a lot of Gregorian chants, and Ave Maria Bach-Gounod and Panis Angelicus and the Russian Kontakion. Madz sang Angeli Dei, which rose to a hair raising crescendo just as the body was being led out. Perfect timing! In the end, it was probably all worth it.


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